Helplessly – Moment Of Truth

Helplessly - Moment Of Truth - 12In the Bill Brewster & Frank Broughton book “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”, Tom Moulton describes how he and his mastering engineer José Rodriguez were cutting 7″ metal blanks for Al Downing’s “I’ll Be Holding On” when Tom Moulton decided the spectrum wasn’t rich enough. He deduced that the grooves on a 7″ record were too small to carry a real bottom end since they were more geared toward radio play, preferring a sound that was all middle. So they tried it on a 10″ record and the sound difference was astronomical. They cut so many 10″ acetates that when they started the next project, Moment Of Truth’s “So Much For Love”, they had run out. So José suggested they try it on a 12″ blank and thus, one of the DJs most effective tools was born… the very first 12″ single.

On one side they cut an extended mix of the song (Also known as a Tom Moulton Mix), and on the other an instrumental version. It was on the strength of that 12″ release that Moment Of Truth was signed to Salsoul Records and their next release came with “So Much For Love” re-released as the B side.

The A Side for that next release, the second ever publicly available 12″ Disco Single, is lesser known. It can be described as a monstrous, raging carnivore of a disco song, complete with full-on orchestral arrangement, heavy horns, soulful vibes, rhythm guitar and emotional testifying throughout.

This is one I just don’t want to get out of my head.

Moment of Truth – Helplessly